Various License Plates

License plates from all over Aust.


Numerous investment grade Q-Plates, think of your lucky 3 digit number and we may just have it...

360 FER $800.00 ONO

42 MAS $800.00 ONO


HIS CAT $5500.00 ONO


MAS 28 $550.00 ONO


MAS 42 $800.00 ONO


NEW 360 $800.00 ONO


NEW 575 $800.00 ONO


NZO 030 $550.00 ONO


OOF 550 $550.00 ONO


OUR 348 $550.00 ONO


PET 355  $800.00 ONO



38 888 (Pictured) Sorry $old.


AB 996 $2k ONO


FC 3699 (Falls Creek and postcode) $2500 AUD.


MB 3723 (Mount Buller and postcode) $2500 AUD. 


MH 3741 (Mount Hotham and postcode) $2500 AUD.




988888  SOLD



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