Restorations and "Racetorations".

Ecurie Bowden can turn your automotive dream into a reality, without the pifalls and costly trial and error that most people suffer, before finding the right team for their beloved car. We know we certainly did (Ouch!!!).

Cars our team have restored back to period correct and original;

Ex Longhurst Finauer JPS BMW M3 1987
KB Channel 9 Group C Camaro.
John French XYGTHO Phase 3 Series Production Falcon.
Moffat/ Goss Ford F-350 Transporter.
Mulvihill Tokico Group C Mazda RX-7.
Latham / Reed Group C GMP&A A9X Torana.
1965 GT350 Shelby #422.
1960 356B Porsche.
Anthony Reid 1987 Group A M3 Chassis # 1 / 60.
Speed Star Wheels 1979 BMW Procar M1 Chassis # 77.
Wilson Brothers Group C GMP&A A9X Torana.

Cars we both outsourced and did things in-house.

Norm Beechey 1970 ATCC winning, HT GTS 350 Monaro.
Pete Geoghegan XYGTHO Superfalcon.
Pete Geoghegan 1966 ATCC winning, 1965 Mustang.
Allan Moffat 1969 Trans-Am Mustang.
Allan Hamilton 1968 911 TR Porsche.
Paul Fahey 1966 Trans-Am Shelby Mustang.
Bob Egan 1967 Trans-Am Shelby Mustang.
1965 Ford Mk1 GT40 P1034.
1956 356A Carrera Porsche.