Q426 Heritage plate

Hemi fan? 
Perhaps a descendant of Mr Thomas F. Moxon?
Unique opportunity to purchase this historic Q-Plate. 
$20k AUD ono.

"Mystery Motor", "The Rat", "The Boss", "Police Interceptor", "Cobra Jet", "Super Cobra Jet", "MAX WEDGE", the 396, 409, 427, 428, 429, 440, 454, 455 SD.... All of these amazing pieces of Detroit Iron pay homage to one engine:

The mighty 426 "Hemi" from Chrysler.  If you have one of these babies and your car is registered in QLD... Here's your plate.

However, Q426 is much more than the ultimate calling card for big block MOPAR madness, it has a story of it's own to tell:

According to the 1923 census, Q426 was on a Vauxhall, owned by Mr Thomas F. Moxon, whose given address was 399 Queen St, Brisbane...

Brisbane-ites with a inkling for history, or perhaps night-life, will know that address is our stunning Customs House. One of the grander buildings in not only Brisbane, but Queensland itself.
It seems Mr Thomas F. Moxon was quite the 19th century man on a mission:

Born in 1865, in England, he was the youngest son of Captain Thomas Moxon, of the British Indian Army and Mrs Letitia Bell Moxon. T.F. Moxon was very well known in business circles In Queensland and New South Wales, as head of Moxon and Co. Pty., Ltd., and director of other companies. Until he retired for health reasons Mr. Moxon was also a member of the Queensland Board of Advice of the National Bank of Australasia, Ltd.

As a youth of about 14 he went to sea as an apprentice in the Glasgow clipper, Loch Etive, the master of which was Captain Stuart, the well-known Australian clipper captain. After serving his time Mr. Moxon became third officer of the Loch Shlel, and was a shipmate of Joseph Conrad, the world famous author. Afterwards he sailed as an officer In the London barque, Alexander Lawrence, before Joining the A.U.S.N. Co., Ltd., on the Australian coast. In 1891, with his brother, he started the shipping business of Moxon and Co. and from 1894, he solely conducted and extended the business into an empire. For many years, perhaps through his sea freight connections, he was the Consul for Panama.

Thomas F. Moxon passed away in 1936 at age 70. He was survived then by his only son, Mr. Julius Moxon, and four daughters, Mesdames J. L. Briggs, M. D. Briggs, H. A. Wright, and Miss Cynthia Moxon, all of Brisbane (as of 1936). It is worth noting that T.F's son, Mr Julius Moxon founded the Endeavour Foundation and was a founder of the Royal QLD Golf Club and the Indooroopilly Golf Club too. To say that QLD has benefitted from this great combination of Philanthropy and outdoor sports, would be an understatement.

What can you say? Mr Thomas Moxon was quite the accomplished man and certainly had his part in making QLD what it is today.

Whether you are a MOPAR nut, or want to have a part of QLD's proud heritage displayed on your car, Q426 is a great invesntment, with a very interesting story to tell.