1990 Porsche 964 C2 3.8

Ultimate "Gentleman's Express".
Beautiful example of what Porsche should have built.
Cover miles fast, looking very cool.
Perfect basis for 964RS or Singer inspired build.
Or, don't touch it and enjoy an excellent 911.

Porsche had the right idea with the 964: The new 3.6 engine and new chassis developments added up to an 85% new 911, but played it very safe with the much loved 911 styling.

The conservative styling, funnily enough, has always irked a lot of the people, so the 964 squandered in value for a very long time, with the golden child 993 and iconic 3.2 Carrera clearly overshadowing this future classic, as “the one to have”.

If I may throw my 2c worth in, the styling is not what gave the 964 a moderate to cool reception. The engine upgrade was most significant and reads like pure Porsche fantasy stuff, but the chassis upgrades, equally as impressive, took something away from that magic 911 feel. It was still there, but you had to push the car a fair bit harder to get that classic 911 feel, that I think we all may be a bit addicted to?

The 964RS is exactly what the 964 911 should be; the chassis is more connected and the engine only a bit more powerful, but the combination is damn near perfect. The 964RS, to me, is in the top 5 of all time production 911’s. The couple of times I have been privileged to drive a 964RS, I have marvelled at their balance and engagement. If there’s one criticism, is that relative to a 2.7 RS, they are a bit edgy, perhaps a bit harder to live with if you had to daily drive one (Perish the thought!). That thought leads us to the 964 C2 we proudly have for sale:

An Australian delivered 1990 C2 manual, still in its handsome and original #347 Dark Blue with matching dark blue leather interior. This John Newell Porsche Sydney delivered chassis, has clearly lived a charmed life. It was ordered with the following options on its build sheet:

425: Electric rear wiper,

438: Drivers side 8 way adjustable electric seat.

454: Cruise control (Pretty handy when avoiding tickets on the highway.)

573: Air-conditioning.

650: Sun-roof.

The current owner was quite enamoured, like all of us, with the absolutely beautiful Singer 911. Seeking out an excellent, low kilometre 964 C2 to emulate the Singer with, but without the huge $$ and waiting list, he wisely decided to modify the engine first, and then tackle the bodywork later. The original, matching numbers 3.6 was taken to that clever chap Spencer Harrison, at Melbourne’s RRR Porsche Specialists for a complete rebuild, to 3.8 RS spec’s. Spencer’s methodical eye ran over the whole car, giving her a clean bill of health. A quick trip to the panel beaters and trimmers for a tidy up and the owner was ready to start the huge process of backdating to circa 1971 ST spec… but, he couldn’t do it. It was in his opinion just too good a car to “chop up”. I thought he was just being dramatic, but having experienced the chassis, I now agree with him. It is an excellent example of the breed.

Through this process, the owner has inadvertently created a truly fascinating car. It has the stock suspension in it, with all of its friendly mannerisms, but has circa 300hp, which gives it that edge the 964 lacked. It really is a perfect “Gentleman’s Express” with a driving experience akin to a 993 C2S, but with a lot more sting in its tail. A lot of people would drive this car and agree with the owner: it’s perfect, don’t touch it. Some will think the Singer path is the only way. Personally, I would go the “luxury 964RS” path; fit 993 headers, Cup wheels (The fitted genuine Fuchs are growing on me though), remove the power steering and lower the front about 20mm. Maybe a fresh set of Bilstein’s too, but not quite as firm as the 964RS’s.

As the car now sits, it is a no excuses example of an excellent 964 C2, but modified in a tasteful manner that will please both purist’s and hot-rodders. The chassis has 133K K’s and the engine has about 1500K’s from a complete rebuild and everything has been assessed and upgraded to suit. In excess of $67,000 has been spent, at RRR, Porsche Classic Melbourne and others, getting an already very nice 964, to this unique and thoroughly enjoyable standard.

The car comes with a set of Cup wheels, original flag type, side vision mirrors and all manner of supporting documentation and reciepts.

The current owner has lost his mind (His words, but I agree) and bought a classic Ferrari, so this perfect specimen is being sold at a significant loss, in the hope of finding a new home ASAP. 

This is how I would spec' her = 964RS perfect :)