1988 BMW M3 Europameister

One of only 143 made.
Sold new in RHD.
Good honest car.
On the key and ready for more miles, or man cave duty.
Rare opportunity.

The M3 has had accolades hurled at it from every concievable angle, since it's 1986 debut; Great on the open road, a weapon on the race and rally circuit, with a CV that logs up an insane, record breaking amount of wins in the glorious Gp A era. All of this is crammed into an inconspicuous box shaped delight, that sends BMW and Gp A fans into a froth, whenever they see one. If the M3 was built only in numbers to suit the FIA's homologation laws, then they would be eye wateringly expensive, but due to their sales success story, they are still quite achieveable, much like the Gp A equivalent R32 GTR, of which Nissan built 40K +.  

The M3 is famously touted as the most "winningest" touring car of all time. I certainly don't disagree with that statement, I would even go so far as to say, that I would wager that it's correct, but, I would love to meet the chap who did the work to come to the conclusion that 1436 victories from 1987 to 1992 makes it the official king. That's a very cool stat', especially when you consider that they were still winning in Group A's various guises in parts of Europe, Japan and Australia, after that 1992 date. 

Built for the pure purpose of winning the ETCC, but rushed into production for the 1987 WTCC, the M3 came out swinging from its first race at Monza in 87. Sure, the M3's finishing 1st to 6th all got pinged for running cheater panels, but that's the kind of stuff that makes legends and added the fuel to the fire that was the Beemer Vs FoMoCo battle, for WTCC supremacy. A war was waged all over the planet between these two manufacturer's, with Charlie Lamm's Schnitzer M3's, going hammer and tongs against Ruedi Eggenberger's sinister Texaco Sierra's. The history books show it went down to the wire, with the underdog M3 taking the top step, but only just! BMW knew they were going to have to do something to keep ahead of the brutally fast RS500 Sierra.

Taking out the 1988 ETCC title was no mean feat either. With the WTCC cancelled after 1 MASSIVE year, the ETCC was the next biggest title and both BMW and FOMOCO wanted it, badly. To commemorate the ETCC title, BMW made 143 Macao Blue Metallic M3's, all sporting a unique Silver / Grey leather trim, with Roberto Ravaligia's signature on a commemorative plaque. Quite an attractive combination and a nice little snub at bitter rivals Ford too; Win - win!  

The beautiful Europameister we proudly have for sale was delivered new to the UK and converted to RHD, before sold to it's 1st owner. It has obvioulsy been cared for from day one as it's done quite a few miles, but presents very well and is well documented. The current owner bought it for its good, overall condition and unique status as a RHD E30 converted by BMW UK.  The car is ready for any inspection, has docmentation to support it's very nice condition and drives like an E30 M3 should; tight and fun!