1976 Group C Ford Mk 2 Escort RS2000

Factory motorsport built, Gp 1 screamer.
German manufactured to take on the booming "small bangers" class.
Raced in Australia's Group C (Group 1 and 2) category.
Chassis # GCATSA 18277R is #24 of only 25 built.
Has CAMS CoD and ready to race!
** Price drop** Now $79K AUD. Come see her race at PI Classic.

Keen to win the fight in the hotly contested small capacity Gp 1, 2 and 5 touring car series that littered the EU, the Mk 2 RS2000 Escort was released, firstly in Europe, in 1976. At that time, it was the only European Escort (For sale new) that had the Pinto 2.0 litre SOHC engine. Manufactured at the Saarlouis plant on the German / French border, there were several pedestrian variations of the Mk2, with the "RS2000" being the car of choice. This was due to that SOHC engine and it had a number of FIA Group 1 go-fast factory bits, that could be optioned with the car via Ford, these included:

  • Twin 44mm Weber IDF carburettors,
  • Bigger valves,
  • Performance cam,
  • Custom engineered exhaust manifold,
  • Alloy sump,
  • Bilstein suspension,
  • Single leaf rear springs,
  • “Rocket Gearbox” (Close ratio single rail top-loader, with alloy tail housing.)
  • Factory short shift kit.
  • Fully floating rear end
  • Plus many other minor tweaks, specifically for Motorsport.

During the mid-1970’s, Australian automotive manufacturing, particularly FOMOCO Australia, was heavily involved in the Australian Touring Car Championship (ATCC), as well as competing at the famous Bathurst 1000. The Australian Group 2 category was identified by the local ASN as "Group C", and was specific to Australia, being that the Gp 2 homologated cars had to run with a “full” interior and rose joints, unless homologated, were not allowed. Ford Australia was on a roll in the overall Gp C category with Allan Moffat’s Moffat Ford Dealers Team, so FOMOCO naturally wanted to win in the smaller capacity with the race proven Mk 2 RS2000, but the car wasn't built here yet. (Ford had previously imported 25 MK1 RS2000's to homologate those cars for Bathurst). So the decision was made to import the German manufactured Ford Escort RS2000 in 1976. The minimum requirement of 25 of these cars, was imported as well. They were manufactured in Saarlouis, Germany, with specific requirements for Australia.  They were all the same specification and consecutively numbered. They only came in 3 colours. First 9 were Carnival Red, the next 8 were Daytona Yellow and the last 8 were Diamond White.

As the price of these cars was going to be more expensive than a XB GT Falcon at the time (RRP of $8500.00!!), the decision was made to up spec the little RS2000, and this was done by optioning them with the "Luxury" pack, which included a full "Ghia" interior, dashboard clock and some other niceties, like remote mirror etc. These 25 cars were the only cars to ever be built with this specification. Which means, these cars are the only cars in this unique luxury / sport specification in the world. The cars were complianced in Australia, but still carried their German compliance plates as well.

Trainspotters delight: How to pick these 25 cars externally:

  • The word "FORD" on the grille instead of the blue oval.
  • 2.0 Litre badge on the front guards instead of the bootlid.
  • Vented front rotors.
  • Girling calipers.
  • Fuel filler in the quarter panel instead of behind number plate, to allow fitment of aftermarket larger fuel tank for Bathurst
  • Optional 13x8 Minilite wheels (For the Gp C cars).

This particular chassis we have for sale is number 24 of the 25 cars imported into Australia. A factory white car, which it still wears today, with its very attractive 1976 Bathurst 1000 livery topping it off nicely. The car has recently been restored to a nice standard and presents very well. Fortunately it has had a charmed life. With no rust or significant damage found during the restoration. Chassis #24 still competes in Historic Motorsport in Australia, in Historic Group C. The significant Competition History of car #24 is:

Round seven, 1976 ATCC.

Lakeside June 27th 1976.


Surfers Paradise.

Hang 10 "400" at Sandown.

Entered the 1976 Bathurst 1000, but had a DNS due to a camshaft failure.

Drivers were John English and Gary Scott. John has many Bathurst starts  and is a Queensland Touring Car Championhsip winner, who is still winning races to this day. Gary raced for many high profile and works teams, with a pole position at Bathurst 86’ in a works Nissan being a highlight.

The car continued to compete in the ATCC until the end of the 1978 season. After the cars final race under Group C Regulations in 1978, it was returned to a road car.

It has been competing in Historic Motorsport in Australia since 2008, and has had great success with Victorian Ford stalwart Neville Butler as the pilot.

Fortunately for the collector, the matching numbers engine and head are available with the car. It is damaged, but should be able to be rebuilt. #24 has recently had the carburettors rebuilt and tuned. She generates 125hp at the wheels with a conservative tune, on 98 Octane pump fuel and air filter “socks” fitted to the 48mm Weber carby's.

The RS series of Ford’s is a long and storied legacy, with World Championships and legends aplenty. #24 is currently eligible for

  • Goodwood Members Meeting “Gerry Marshall Trophy”.
  • Peter Auto’s “Heritage Touring Cup”.
  • Heritage Touring Cars Aus’ and NZ.
  • Motor Racing Legend’s “Historic Touring Car Cup”.
  • HSCC Dunlop Saloon Car Cup.
  • Youngtimer Touring Car Challenge.
  • Plus many more in Australia, USA, UK, NZ and the EU.

This opportunity to buy a significant piece of FOMOCO Motorsport history, #24 one of only 25 cars built, at a very agreeable price, doesn't come along very often. Combined with nimble handling and reliable machinery, this Mk 2 Escort RS2000 is sure to give the proud new owner plenty of fantastic experiences.

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