1972 LJ GTR XU-1 Group C Torana

A Holden in a Ford colour never looked so good!
Last GTR XU-1 to score ATCC points in 1977.
Known history with 5 owners from new.
Current CAMS CoD and logbooks.
Beautiful, fast and reliable.

With 4 consecutive Australian Rally Championships, an Australian Touring Car Championship win (Yes, the SLR 5000 got it across the line, but the XU-1 did the real work.) and the must have Bathurst win, the Holden Torana XU-1 has a huge place in Australia's Motorsport history. The term “Giant Killer” used by GMH's marketing (Mr Bagshaw, you bloody genius.) was a most apt analogy. The humble Vauxhall Viva was tweaked and twisted by Harry Firth and Co. into an outright race winner, against a determined Ford Motor Company and their mighty GTHO and RPO 83 Falcons. Power to weight was the XU-1’s greatest weapon, but a little more weight upon the nose and a nice short wheelbase, may have been the reason for the 4 x ARC titles. A certain driver by the name of Colin Bond would have helped a lot more than just the weight placement too. Anywhere (ATCC, ARC, AEC, MANCHAMP, etc.) ”Bondy” put his bum was a winner, just in case you never noticed.


The car we proudly have for sale here is typical of some of the most famous Group C Racers, in that it started life as a Highway Police Pursuit LJ GTR, Spec'd with the bits needed to apprehend those who were flouting the law in 1972. Mr Neville Bridges, another group C legend along the lines of Willmington, Rogers, et al. purchased the LJ GTR with rallying intentions, but upon a shake down at a touring car race, Neville's times in the stock “Chaser” GTR, were that close to competitive, he thankfully decided upon buying the necessary gear to upgrade her to Group C XU-1 specification. A long life as a Group C XU-1 racer continued, with Neville's skill and the cars significant modifications, allowing its place in history, as the last XU-1 to win ATCC points ever. It was Lakeside Raceway, in the 1977 Halcyon days of Moffat and Bond's Falcon Hardtop winning era and Neville and his trusty 1972 LJ got a placing, when no one gave them a chance. Nev probably thought nothing of it, but as in the greater scheme of history, only 3 things count; First, Greatest and Last.


Nev's XU-1 has only had 4 considerate owners after its Police Chaser duties and has never had any significant damage. It is in exceptionally good order and has a fresh, stove hot engine built to Group C specs. The car looks magnificent in its “CIG Steel Blue”,(AKA FOMOCO Tru-Blu) and has the all -important Certificate of Description from CAMS, making her eligible for the very popular Heritage Touring Car category. If you need another reason to buy this blue beauty; The last Group C XU-1 on the market sold for around $350K.

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