1970 2.2 911S

Factory RHD, UK Delivered.
Matching numbers.
Some of Australia's best have worked on her.
Looks and drives like a very loved car.
Factory correct and oh-so-1970-cool Blut Orange (Tangerine) on black trim.

Car is SOLD thank you.

To own a good 2.2 911S, is to truly know what a great driving experience is all about. Yes, the later 2.4 does have more torque down low, but if you’re buying a car for what happens down low, why are you buying a Porsche?

The 2.2 in "S" Spec', is an amazingly rewarding car to drive; the peaky engine feels as though it has forced induction of some sort, yet the glorious sound is better than anything fitted with such a device. Punching this car through second into third gear while keeping it on cam, is a VERY nice experience, something you will enjoy doing again and again and again. This is all on top of the usual excellent 911 manual steering, that I have no doubts is why the 911 is… well…the 911! The beautiful and subtle stying features, of the first of the longer wheel base 911's, are very easy on the eye too and universally applauded (A rare thing amongst fussy 911 fans!). The gold badges and chrome highlights make you involuntarily smile, while a small part of you goes back the opening scenes of Steve McQueen’s seminal movie Le Mans, where a Slate Grey 2.2S stole the show. A warning for future 911 2.2S owners; Without even being aware of it, you may end up on your way to cars and coffee, sporting a Heuer Monaco, wearing Gulf-Wyer 917 inspired clothing, finding yourself staring intently at some Armco, thinking about a 917 crash that you may, or may not have been involved in… Don’t laugh, it happened to a mate…

We proudly own a very nice 1973 2.7 RS, which we all love and dote over, but our own little 1971 2.2S is the car I get the biggest grin out of, without risking my (Ahem...) perfect driving record. Make no mistakes, these are a nigh on perfect model and are what I categorise as the "Thinking man's early 911".

This particular chassis, 9110300479, was born in Stuttgart on the 1st of December 1969, destined for the UK market. She was ordered with the following options:
Paint: Tangerine / Blut Orange 2323
Rear wiper.
Leather Steering Wheel.
Tinted glass.
Power Windows.
Her original engine case #6300661 is still intact and her kardex shows a blank on the transmission number, so of course, it is also matching numbers, by default! On a slightly serious note, the box's number corresponds with it's type and age, so it is a safe bet it is the original one.

After passing through a series of UK owners #479 made her way down to Australia, in need of some TLC. Luckily for her, she ended up in some of the county’s better Porsche restoration and mechanical shops (All reciepts available and go with the car). Sold to QLD a few years ago, the car has been well maintained by QLD Porsche experts and nice guy Don, from DHM, with recent works including the tricky, but reliable when sorted MFI unit being rebuilt, amongst other things. Since coming to QLD, a nice car has been taken up to another level, by the current 911 mad owner, who clearly must have his 911’s correct.

The car drives just as it presents; superbly. It is a credit to the current owner and the Porsche specialists mentioned above. The 2.2 is surprisingly ‘grunty’ down low, but has that fantastic howl from 4800 Rpm onwards. The Typ 911 box is in very good condition, with the usual acclimation needed, (especially when you’re daily is a G50 3.2 Carrera) before you get the rewarding shifts from these lightweight, dog leg transmissions. She has what I consider to be “must-have” Pirelli CN36’s and the suspension is factory correct and taught. All of her bits and bobs work and cruising in her through the local B-roads with the sunroof open and windows down, is one of the nicer 911 moments I have had in some time. Even my rather fussy and 911-mad brother is quite smitten with her and after a day documenting her, he could only fault once simple thing. If you know him, you know that means she is damn good!

We love the car and I hope the pictures and this feeble document, do her the justice required.  

With only 60 1970 911 2.2S’s built in RHD worldwide, and God knows how many are now left, this is a great opportunity to buy a matching numbers, no excuses car, in her factory correct and uber-cool Blut Orange.

Come inspect her and enjoy starting a new love in your life!